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Digital Marketing

What has changed? Nearly everything. Digital technology has changed how business is conducted by providing endless information and resources (accurate or not) at the fingertips of nearly every human on the planet. It has shifted the power of purchase into the hands of the customer and it has given them a voice that carries. Now a customer can research and shop for products and services on a computer, tablet or phone. When a customer does connect, they already know a lot about your products and services, as well as those of your competitors. There's also a new expectation that you will do more, and that they will receive a response in seconds ... at any time of day or night.


What is 'Digital' marketing? If done correctly it It is still based on the important underlying marketing fundamentals, but now in a new setting and with more power. Digital has given marketers a way to more easily reach and interact with customers through personalized communications, social sites, and other new ways of strengthening the relationship. Digital has also given marketers a real time read on how customers interact with their company. Vantage both understands the important and critical interaction between you and your customer and how best to leverage digital technology to reinforce the relationship.

How does a company survive in this competitive market with such savvy customers? First a company needs to start by aligning their presence with the very ways their customers consume information and their 'journey' toward a purchase decision. A strong brand, a well designed website, smart and relevant email communications, virtual events, and social marketing. These are just a few examples of where you need to be - and areas where Vantage can help.

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